Random channel allocation scheme in HIPERLAN/2

TitleRandom channel allocation scheme in HIPERLAN/2
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsHwang, E. S., J. J. Won, Y. C. Ko, H. W. Lee, and C. H. Cho
Secondary AuthorsAizawa, K., Y. Nakamura, and S. Satoh
JournalAdvances in Multimedia Information Processing - PCM 2004, PT 1, Proceedings

HIPERLAN/2 is one of the standards for high-speed wireless LANs developed by ETSI BRAN. A mobile terminal(MT), when it has messages to send in the uplink channel, may use contention slots, called random access channels (RCHs), to send the resource request messages. Based on successful resource request messages from the MTs, the access point(AP) allocates uplink channel resources dynamically. The number of RCHs in one MAC frame should be adjusted in such way that the access delay for request messages is kept small without underutilizing the RCHs. In this paper, we propose a new RCH allocation scheme using the splitting algorithm, which dynamically adjusts the number of RCHs according to the current traffic situation. The simulation results show that our scheme performs well in terms of channel throughput, access delay and delay jitter compared with previously proposed RCH allocation schemes.

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