Novel SOI-Specific circuit form high-speed radiation-hardened memories

TitleNovel SOI-Specific circuit form high-speed radiation-hardened memories
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsHaraszti, T. P., R. Pancholy, J. Chona, R. Schober, and K. Hunt
Conference NameSOI Conference, 2008. SOI. IEEE International
Pagination133 -134
Date Publishedoct.
Keywordsamplifiers, CMOS bulk memory circuits, CMOS logic circuits, CMOS memory circuits, CMOS SOI memory circuits, high-speed radiation-hardening, integrated circuit design, logic gates, memory-cells, radiation hardening (electronics), sense amplifiers, Si, silicon-on-insulator, SOI-specific circuit design

In all of th seven main memory components, the use of the novel SOI-specific sense amplifiers, memory-cells, and logic gates, envinced exceptionally speedy operations. This made possible fabrication and tests of complete memories which feature 2.2 GHz operational speed, 10-12 error/bit/day and 1 Mrad total dose hardness. The SOI memories can indeed provide substantially faster operations than their best bulk counterparts do.


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