Estimation of environment forces and rigid-body velocities using observers

TitleEstimation of environment forces and rigid-body velocities using observers
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsHacksel, P. J., and S. E. Salcudean
Conference NameRobotics and Automation, 1994. Proceedings., 1994 IEEE International Conference on
Pagination931 -936 vol.2
Date Publishedmay.
Keywordsactuation forces, contact tasks, environment force estimation, force, identification, inertial parameters, magnetically levitated wrist, observers, orientations, parameter estimation, rigid-body velocities, robotics, robots, state estimation, velocity

This paper presents an observer-based approach to the determination of environment forces acting on a rigid body. Actuation forces, measured positions and orientations and identification of inertial parameters are used for this purpose. It is also shown that environment force estimates can be used in turn to correct rigid-body velocity estimates generated by observers, leading to accurate, low-noise estimates during contact tasks. The approach, shown to also apply to general serial mechanisms, is supported by experimental data obtained with a magnetically levitated wrist


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