Intra-subject elastic registration of 3D ultrasound images

TitleIntra-subject elastic registration of 3D ultrasound images
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsForoughi, P., P. Abolmaesumi, and K. Hashtrudi-Zaad
JournalMedical Image Analysis
Date PublishedOct

3D registration of ultrasound images is an important and fast-growing research area with various medical applications, such as image-guided radiotherapy and surgery. However, this registration process remains extremely challenging due to the deformation of soft tissue and the existence of speckles in these images. This paper presents a technique for intra-subject, intra-modality elastic registration of 3D ultrasound images. Using the general concept of attribute vectors, we define the corresponding voxels in the fixed and moving images. Our method does not require presegmentation and does not employ any numerical optimization procedure. As the computational requirements are minimal, the method has potential use in real-time applications. The technique is implemented and tested on 3D ultrasound images of human liver, captured by a 3D ultrasound transducer. The results show that the method is sufficiently accurate and robust even in cases where artifacts such as shadows exist in the ultrasound data.


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