Efficient high-order image subsampling using FANNs

TitleEfficient high-order image subsampling using FANNs
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsDumitras, A., and F. Kossentini
Conference NameImage Processing, 2000. Proceedings. 2000 International Conference on
Pagination316 -319 vol.3
Keywordsdesign algorithm, efficient high-order image subsampling, FANN, feedforward artificial neural networks, feedforward neural nets, fully connected FANN, image reconstruction, image sampling, speed-performance tradeoffs, tridiagonally symmetrical FANN

We propose a method for high-order image subsampling using feedforward artificial neural networks (FANNs). Our method employs a tridiagonally symmetrical FANN, which is obtained by applying the design algorithm proposed by Dumitraa and Kossentini (see IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, vol.48, no.5, p.1446-55, 2000), and a small, fully connected FANN. We show that our subsampling method provides excellent speed-performance tradeoffs as compared to those of the method based exclusively on fully connected FANNs


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