H.264-Based Compression of Bayer Pattern Video Sequences

TitleH.264-Based Compression of Bayer Pattern Video Sequences
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsDoutre, C., P. Nasiopoulos, and K. N. Plataniotis
JournalCircuits and Systems for Video Technology, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination725 -734
Date Publishedjun.
KeywordsBayer pattern video sequence, color filter array, data compression, digital camera, filtering theory, H.264 video coding, H.264-based compression, image colour analysis, image demosaicking, image sampling, image segmentation, image sequences, interpolation, light sensor, video coding

Most consumer digital cameras use a single light sensor which captures color information using a color filter array (CFA). This produces a mosaic image, where each pixel location contains a sample of only one of three colors, either red, green or blue. The two missing colors at each pixel location must be interpolated from the surrounding samples in a process called demosaicking. The conventional approach to compressing video captured with these devices is to first perform demosaicking and then compress the resulting full-color video using standard methods. In this paper two methods for compressing CFA video prior to demosaicking are proposed. In our first method, the CFA video is directly compressed with the H.264 video coding standard in 4:2:2 sampling mode. Our second method uses a modified version of H.264, where motion compensation is altered to take advantage of the properties of CFA data. Simulations show both proposed methods give better compression efficiency than the demosaick-first approach at high bit rates, and thus are suitable for applications, such as digital camcorders, where high quality video is required.


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