A virtual excavator for controller development and evaluation

TitleA virtual excavator for controller development and evaluation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsDiMaio, S. P., S. E. Salcudean, C. Reboulet, S. Tafazoli, and K. Hashtrudi-Zaad
Conference NameRobotics and Automation, 1998. Proceedings. 1998 IEEE International Conference on
Pagination52 -58 vol.1
Date Publishedmay.
KeywordsCAD, control system CAD, digital simulation, dynamics, excavators, graphical simulation, ground interaction model, haptic interface, hydraulic machines, impedance model, virtual excavator, virtual reality

In order to facilitate the testing and evaluation of control strategies and operator environments designed for heavy duty hydraulic machines, an excavator simulator has been developed and is described in this paper. The simulator comprises an impedance model of the excavator arm, a model for the bucket-ground interaction forces, a graphical environment and a haptic interface. This paper describes the simulator components and their integration


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