Optimal mode selection and synchronization for robust video communications over error-prone networks

TitleOptimal mode selection and synchronization for robust video communications over error-prone networks
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsCote, G., S. Shirani, and F. Kossentini
JournalSelected Areas in Communications, IEEE Journal on
Pagination952 -965
Date Publishedjun.
Keywordsbinary symmetric channel, bit error prone networks, broadband networks, channel condition, code division multiple access, compressed bit stream, data compression, decoder, decoder error concealment method, decoding, error-prone networks, land mobile radio, multiuser channels, optimal mode selection, optimisation, radio networks, rate distortion theory, rate-distortion optimized mode selection, robust video communications, synchronization marker insertion algorithms, video coding, video coding mode selection, video communication system, video transmission, visual communication, W-CDMA mobile network models, wideband code division multiple access

We describe an effective method for increasing error resilience of video transmission over bit error prone networks. Rate-distortion optimized mode selection and synchronization marker insertion algorithms are introduced. The resulting video communication system takes into account the channel condition and the error concealment method used by the decoder, to optimize video coding mode selection and placement of synchronization markers in the compressed bit stream. The effects of mismatch between the parameters used by the encoder and the parameters associated with the actual channel condition and the decoder error concealment method are evaluated. Results for the binary symmetric channel and wideband code division multiple access mobile network models are presented in order to illustrate the advantages of the proposed method


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