A standard-based system for robust video transmission over the Internet

TitleA standard-based system for robust video transmission over the Internet
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsCote, G., S. Wenger, and F. Kossentini
Conference NameElectrical and Computer Engineering, 1999 IEEE Canadian Conference on
Pagination739 -744 vol.2
Keywordscode standards, data compression, Internet, large packet sizes, low-latency, optimized H.263 video coder, packet loss, packet loss rates, packet switching, rate distortion theory, rate-distortion, robust video transmission, RTP-based video transmission, standard-based system, standard-based video communication system, telecommunication standards, transport protocol, transport protocols, video coding, visual communication

A standard-based video communication system combining video coding, packetization, and transport protocol environment is introduced. Rather than focusing on the specific areas mentioned above, the strength of the introduced concept lies in the novel combination of the various tools, especially in a rate-distortion optimized H.263 video coder that takes packet loss into account, and the packetization based on the Internet RFC2429. Together, both mechanisms form a powerful platform for low-latency, RTP-based video transmission in packet lossy environments with typically large packet sizes, and packet loss rates of up to 20%


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