Performance analysis of reuse partitioning with mobile users

TitlePerformance analysis of reuse partitioning with mobile users
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsChong, P. H. J., and C. Leung
Conference NameCommunications, 1999. ICC '99. 1999 IEEE International Conference on
Pagination1852 -1858 vol.3
Keywordscall blocking probability, call dropping probability, Cell Size, cellular radio, cluster size, concentric regions, fixed channel assignment system, frequency allocation, handoff calls, mobile users, performance analysis, prioritized handoff, reuse partitioning, system capacity, traffic model, user speed

Reuse partitioning (RP) is a simple technique that can be used to increase system capacity. With RP, a cell is divided into several concentric regions, each associated with a different cluster size. In this paper, a traffic model is developed to analyze the impact of mobile users on an RP with fixed channel assignment system. The influence of user speed and cell size on the new call blocking probability, Pb , and the call dropping probability, Pd, is investigated. A simpler model which can be used to estimate Pb and Pd in some cases is described. The effect of reserving some channels for handoff calls on the capacity is studied. It is found that even though prioritized handoff can reduce Pd, it may also degrade the capacity


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