P2PNet: A simulation architecture for large-scale P2P systems

TitleP2PNet: A simulation architecture for large-scale P2P systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsCheng, L., N. Hutchinson, and M. R. Ito
Secondary AuthorsLabiod, H., and M. Badra
JournalNew Technologies, Mobility and Security

Simulation of P2P systems at the scale of millions of nodes is important because some problems with the protocols or their implementations might not appear at smaller scales. In this work, we propose a parallel message-level simulator, P2PNet, which can simulate P2P systems with up to millions of nodes. P2PNet applies the technique of time expansion and uses real time to synchronize the processing of events among the participating processors. Simulation results show that P2PNet has small overhead compared with a single-processor event-driven simulator, a large speedup when multiple computers are used and no late events.

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