Receiver-driven layered multicast using active networks

TitleReceiver-driven layered multicast using active networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsCheng, L., and M. R. Ito
Conference NameMultimedia and Expo, 2003. ICME '03. Proceedings. 2003 International Conference on
PaginationI - 501-4 vol.1
Date Publishedjul.
Keywordsactive networks, FEC-based error control, forward error correction, multicast protocols, multicast tree, packet loss rate, receiver-driven layered multicast scheme, TCP-friendly congestion control, telecommunication congestion control, transport protocols, video signal processing, virtual link, visual communication

This paper proposed a receiver-driven layered multicast scheme using active networks (RLM-AN). The multicast tree is regarded as a set of virtual links. TCP-friendly congestion control and FEC-based error control are performed on each virtual link. In order to solve the loss path multiplicity problem, the intermediate active nodes also perform error recovery. By introducing congestion control and error mechanisms in active nodes inside the network, we obtain smoother and more TCP-friendly throughputs and quicker response to congestion inside the network and much lower packet loss rate.


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