Integrated-optic voltage transducer for high-voltage applications

TitleIntegrated-optic voltage transducer for high-voltage applications
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsChaveza, P. P., N. A. F. Jaeger, F. Rahmatian, and C. Yakymyshyn
Secondary AuthorsLessard, R. A., and G. A. Lampropoulos
JournalApplications of PHOTonIC Technology 4

This paper describes a novel voltage transducer. Its design is based on a mathematical procedure that enables a small number of strategically positioned electric field sensors to accurately measure the voltage. The voltage transducer takes advantage of existing compact, non-intrusive optical electric field sensor technology, specifically, the integrated-optic Pockels cell (IOPC), but is not limited to optical technology. The key advantage of this voltage transducer over other existing optics-based voltage transducer technologies is that it does not require any customized electrode structures and/or special insulation. A high-voltage integrated-optic voltage transducer has been used to obtain measurements with metering class accuracies.

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