Accurate voltage measurement by the quadrature method

TitleAccurate voltage measurement by the quadrature method
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsChavez, P. P., N. A. F. Jaeger, and F. Rahmatian
JournalPower Delivery, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination14 - 19
Date Publishedjan.
Keywordsaccurate voltage measurement, electric field measurement, electric field sensors, electro-optic field sensors, fibre optic sensors, measurement errors, numerical analysis, numerical simulations, quadrature method, voltage measurement, voltage sensor designs

This paper introduces the quadrature method for measuring voltage using one or more electric field sensors. To date, all high-voltage sensors, from conventional inductive transformers to modern optical voltage transducers, have one or more of the following traits in common: large size and weight, high-voltage electrodes in close proximity, expensive and potentially hazardous insulation, and capacitive voltage division. Combined with the use of small electro-optic field sensors, the quadrature method enables voltage sensor designs that are free of these traits and that are, therefore, particularly ideal for high-voltage applications. It also allows for a trade-off between the accuracy of the voltage measurement and the number of required electric field sensors. Numerical simulations demonstrate the effectiveness of this technique.


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