General inverse kinematics with the error damped pseudoinverse

TitleGeneral inverse kinematics with the error damped pseudoinverse
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsChan, S. K., and P. D. Lawrence
Conference NameRobotics and Automation, 1988. Proceedings., 1988 IEEE International Conference on
Pagination834 -839 vol.2
Date Publishedapr.
KeywordsCartesian position, error damped pseudoinverse, inverse kinematics, joint corrections, kinematics, near singularities, position control, robotic manipulators, robots, singular points

Accurate and efficient inverse kinematics transformations are required to accurately specify the Cartesian position and orientation of robotic manipulators. A novel algorithm is proposed which is accurate near singular points and is also stable at singular points and for targets which are out of the manipulator's reach. The algorithm uses the error-damped pseudoinverse to obtain stable joint corrections near singularities. Various strategies are presented to describe and handle the particular situations which arise near singularities


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