Lattice dynamics of transition metal disilicides

TitleLattice dynamics of transition metal disilicides
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsChaix-Pluchery, O., J. Bossy, H. Schober, U. Gottlib, O. Laborde, and R. Madar
Conference NameMaterials for Advanced Metallization, 1997. MAM '97 Abstracts Booklet., European Workshop
Pagination204 -205
Date Publishedmar.
KeywordsDebye temperature, lattice dynamics, NbSi2, neutron diffraction, neutron inelastic scattering, niobium compounds, phonon spectra, phonon spectrum, Raman spectra, Raman spectroscopy, tantalum compounds, TaSi2, transition metal disilicide, vanadium compounds, VSi2

We present phonon measurements carried out on NbSi2, TaSi2 and VSi2, using neutron inelastic scattering and Raman spectroscopy in comparison with phonon properties previously investigated by other techniques: the Debye temperature values obtained from low temperature specific heat and resistivity measurements and the phonon spectra issued from point-contact spectroscopy


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