Evaluation of corona and line models in electromagnetic transients simulations

TitleEvaluation of corona and line models in electromagnetic transients simulations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsCarneiro, S., J., and J. R. Marti
JournalPower Delivery, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination334 -342
Date Publishedjan.
Keywordscorona, digital simulation, electromagnetic transients program, EMTP, frequency dependent transmission line model, line segments, Models, power system analysis computing, power transmission lines, software package, software packages

The main purpose of this study is to make a comparative evaluation of the large number of available corona models in terms of their accuracy and suitability for interface with the EMTP (electromagnetic transients program). The recommended models have been interfaces with the standard frequency dependent transmission line model in the EMTP. This line model has been modified to avoid error accumulation over the large number of line segments needed in corona representations. Field test comparisons have been performed and good agreement was found with a classical field test


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