Ultrahigh-speed polarization modulator

TitleUltrahigh-speed polarization modulator
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsBull, J. D., H. Kato, A. R. Reid, M. Fairburn, B. P. C. TSOU, D. R. Seniuk, P. H. Lu, and N. A. F. Jaeger
Conference NameQuantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference, 2005. QELS '05
Pagination939 - 941 Vol. 2
Date Publishedmay.
Keywordseigen mode, eigenvalues and eigenfunctions, electro-optic effect, electro-optical effects, high-speed optical techniques, integrated optic mode converter, integrated optics, long haul optical transmission, optical communication equipment, optical fibre communication, optical fibre polarisation, optical modulation, Poincare mapping, Poincare sphere, polarisation controller, ultrahigh-speed polarization modulator

Recent measurements on an ultrahigh-speed polarization modulator, capable of circumscribing a great circle on the Poincare sphere, are presented. Such a device, when fully packaged, has been demonstrated with a bandwidth of sim;50 GHz.


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