Some results on partially systematic turbo codes

TitleSome results on partially systematic turbo codes
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsBlazek, Z., V. K. Bhargava, and T. A. Gulliver
Conference NameVehicular Technology Conference, 2002. Proceedings. VTC 2002-Fall. 2002 IEEE 56th
Pagination981 - 984 vol.2
KeywordsAWGN channels, BER performance, block codes, block lengths, channel coding, coding gain, error statistics, iterations, Iterative Decoding, matrix algebra, parity check codes, partially systematic turbo codes, PSTC, punctured information bits, punctured parity bits, puncturing matrices, Rayleigh fading channels, turbo codes

Partially-systematic turbo-codes (PSTC) are a recently introduced variation of turbo-codes. In a classical or fully-systematic turbo-code (FSTC), only the parity bits are punctured, but in a PSTC, both information and parity bits are punctured. In this paper, we examine in detail a PSTC with half the information bits punctured and compare this to a FSTC. This examination considers various puncturing matrices and block lengths, performance over a number of iterations, and performance over AWGN and Rayleigh fading channels. Based on this examination, we have determined puncturing matrices that can give better BER performance than those previously employed, giving a coding gain of about 0.5 dB for BER=10-5 over the FSTC.


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