On random interleavers for turbo codes

TitleOn random interleavers for turbo codes
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsBlazek, Z., T. A. Gulliver, and V. K. Bhargava
Conference NameCommunications, Computers and signal Processing, 2001. PACRim. 2001 IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on
Pagination111 -114 vol.1
KeywordsBER performance, block interleavers, error statistics, interleaved codes, pseudorandom interleavers, random functions, S-random interleavers, turbo codes

Interleavers are one of the key components of turbo codes. This paper provides a comprehensive comparison of the BER performance of two common types of random interleavers, namely pseudorandom and S-random interleavers. We clearly show the benefits of the S-random construction, with the difference in performance being as much as an order of magnitude or more. We also give a modified S-random construction which provides comparable BER performance to the standard S-random construction, but with greatly reduced generation time


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