High performance predictive dead-beat digital controller for DC power supplies

TitleHigh performance predictive dead-beat digital controller for DC power supplies
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsBibian, S., and H. Jin
JournalPower Electronics, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination420 -427
Date Publishedmay.
Keywords10 kHz, 140 W, dead-beat control, design procedure, digital control, digitized PI structure, electric current control, inductor current, inner current loop control design, outer voltage control loop design, predictive control, switched mode power supplies, switching characteristic, switchmode DC/DC power supply, two-loop predictive dead-beat control, voltage control

In this paper, a digital control technique based on a two-loop predictive dead-beat control concept is developed for switchmode DC/DC power supply applications. The dead-beat control law is derived directly from the switching characteristic of the converter. With the inductor current reaching the reference in a single control period, the proposed technique results in much improved control performance. In addition, the design procedure is simple and does not require extensive tuning. Furthermore, the computational resources required for the calculation of the control algorithm are reduced by half as compared to a conventional digitized PI structure. Both experimental and simulated results are provided to validate the proposed concept


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