Error control coding for mobile radio system

TitleError control coding for mobile radio system
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsBhargava, V. K., T. Le-Ngoc, and Y. R. Shayan
Conference NameTENCon '89. 4th IEEE Region 10 International Conference
Pagination535 -537
Date Publishednov.
Keywords(31, burst errors, codec, codecs, encoding, error control coding, error correction, error correction codes, interleaved block code, k) code, mobile radio system, mobile radio systems, Reed-Soloman codes

The nature of the mobile radio channel requires that the error control coding schemes chosen are effective for burst errors. Simple error correction methods such as interleaved block code are effective in the burst error mobile radio environment but do not utilize the memory characteristics of the error process. Reed-Solomon (RS) codes are ideally suitable, particularly for digitized voice. A versatile codec for the (31, k) code from this family is described. The structure of this decoder is such that different RS codes can be programmed to correct errors and erasure, including shortening and singly extended codes


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