A user-centered approach to enhance QoS for networked video

TitleA user-centered approach to enhance QoS for networked video
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsBai, Y., and M. R. Ito
Conference NameMultimedia and Expo, 2004. ICME '04. 2004 IEEE International Conference on
Pagination225 - 228 Vol.1
Date Publishedjun.
Keywordsbuffer management, buffer storage, IP networks, network efficiency, networked video, QoS, quality of service, queue length, queueing theory, service fairness, user-centered approach, video quality, video streaming

Buffer management plays an important role for enhancing quality of service (QoS) for video streaming over IP networks. However, most existing buffer management techniques have been developed according to the network's point of view; consequently, QoS requirements from users' perspectives are not well satisfied. The paper proposes a novel buffer management scheme based on user's expectations. Simulation results show the advantages of the scheme in terms of video quality, service fairness and network efficiency.


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