Robust Stability Analysis of Cross-Directional Processes using the U-gap metric

TitleRobust Stability Analysis of Cross-Directional Processes using the U-gap metric
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsAmmar, M., and G. Dumont
Conference NameDecision and Control, 2006 45th IEEE Conference on
Pagination1203 -1208
Date Publisheddec.
Keywords2D process, closed-loop configuration, control design, cross-direction, cross-directional process, dynamic causal model, gap stability theorem, input-output identification, multidimensional digital filter stability theory, robust control, robust stability analysis, robust stability criterion, spatial static noncausal transfer function, stability conditions, stability criteria, uncertainty modeling, upsi-gap metric

In this paper, a robust stability criterion is proposed for cross-directional processes. Modeling uncertainties resulting from input-output identification are inevitable and as control design is based on the identified model, the effect of theses uncertainties on stability must be addressed. The nu-gap metric is convenient to investigate robust stability in a closed-loop configuration. The CD process is modeled by a spatial static non-causal transfer function in the cross-direction (CD) and a dynamic causal model in the main direction (MD). As the CD process is analogous to a 2D spatially non-causal digital filter, robust stability of the 2D process is investigated by employing the nu-gap stability theorem to check stability conditions provided by the multidimensional digital filter stability theory. A simulation example is presented to illustrate the technique


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