Characterization of a symbol rate timing recovery technique for a 2B1Q digital receiver

TitleCharacterization of a symbol rate timing recovery technique for a 2B1Q digital receiver
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsAboulnasr, T., M. Hage, B. Sayar, and S. Aly
JournalCommunications, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination1409 -1414
Date Publishedfeb.

This paper presents a study of several implementations of the Mueller and Muller symbol rate timing recovery algorithm (1976) for ISDN transmission over digital subscriber loops (DSL). Implementations of this algorithm using various estimates of a specified timing function are investigated. It will be shown that despite the fact that all of the estimates considered are derived based on one set of conditions, their performance varies widely in a real system. The intrinsic properties of these estimates are first analyzed, then their performance on real subscriber loops is studied through extensive simulations of a practical digital receiver. The effect of various system parameters such as channel distortion and additive noise are included. Possible sources of convergence problems are also identified and corrective action proposed


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