Talk: Advancement and trends in medical image analysis using deep learning by Dr. Fausto Milletari (NVIDIA)

June 14, 2018 - 14:00 - 16:00

Location: ICICS Board Room, 2nd floor of ICICS/CS building (2366 Main Mall).

Time: 2pm

Advancement and trends in medical image analysis using deep learning

Abstract: In this talk, I will discuss advancements and trends in medical image analysis using deep learning. I will discuss V-Net and the impact of the fully convolutional neural network for 3D image segmentation and then highlight limitations and shortcoming of this class of algorithms. I will then present novel approaches and ongoing research aiming to integrate statistical shape prior into CNN-based predictions and our latest MICCAI contributions, termed Coarse to Fine Context Memory (CFCM) that aims to integrate features extracted at different depths through a memory mechanism based on RNNs. Finally, I will talk about TOMAAT, an open source package allowing easy deployment of research DL algorithms in the cloud.

Biography: Fausto Milletari is a Senior Solutions Architect at NVIDIA and a Ph.D. graduate from the Technical University of Munich. Fausto's major research topic is the segmentation of medical images. He has pioneered the usage of 3D convolutional neural networks to segment MRI and Ultrasound volumetric data and other 3D deep-learning techniques. In addition, he works on a variety of other computer vision problems, such as object tracking and detection. His work focuses on pattern recognition and machine learning, and in particular on deep learning techniques. Several of his contributions have been presented in recent editions of MICCAI, IPCAI, BMVC, 3DV and in specialized journals. His current job at NVIDIA focuses on the application of artificial intelligence techniques in medicine at the boundary between research and commercial applications.

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