Semiconductor Theory for Device Applications

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3 Credits

EECE 576

A quantum mechanical treatment of the structure and electronic properties of semiconducting materials and electronic devices; including bandstructure, carrier transports mechanisms, quantum tunneling, and scattering.

Course Objective

To present the physical background that is essential for both the understanding of modern electronic semiconductor devices and the invention or development of new devices.

Course Topics

  • Basic band theory; E-k plots. 
  • Densities of states; bulk, 2DEG, quantum wires and dots.
  • Semiconductor statistics; low temperatures, degenerate.
  • Tunneling; heterostructures, S-D limitation to MOS scaling.
  • Scattering; mainly by phonons, mobility.
  • Quasi-ballistic transport; solving BTE.
  • Nanoscale transistors; CNT’s, SET’s, molecular transistors.



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