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Wireless propagation and channel models capture our knowledge and intuition concerning the manner in which wireless signals are attenuated and distorted as they traverse the path from transmitter to receiver in a form suitable for use in simulation and design. As wireless communication systems become more complex and operate in harsher environments, it is necessary to develop new and improved models that help designers mitigate risk and avoid either over or under-designing the system.
The specific objective of this edition of EECE 571P is to prepare the student to make research contributions to propagation and channel modelling aspects of millimetre-wave communications, including the systems engineering requirements for millimetre-wave channel models, configuration and specification of millimetrewave channel sounders, statistical design of measurement campaigns, estimation and modelling of first-order channel characteristics, and estimation and modelling of second-order channel characteristics.
Upon completion of EECE 571P – Propagation and Channel Modelling for Wireless Communications, the student will be able to:

  • Set up a link budget that captures the principal factors that affect the signal level observed at the receiver.
  • Apply both full-wave and approximate methods for predicting reflection, scattering and diffraction by structures and obstacles.
  • Use ray-tracing software to predict reflection, scattering and diffraction by structures and obstacles.
  • Use standardized propagation and channel models to predict mm-wave signal impairment encountered over terrestrial fixed links and in microcells and picocells,
  • Use statistical methods to efficiently and correctly reduce measurements of impaired signal characteristics to physical-stochastic channel models useful in simulation and design.
  • Use statistical methods to efficiently and correctly plan campaigns to collect measurements of impaired signals useful in channel modelling.
  • Configure measurement equipment and conduct propagation measurement campaigns

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