EECE 571D - Power System Dynamics and Stability

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3 Credits


This course provides students with an overview of the mathematical modelling required to simulate and predict power system dynamic behaviour during and after disturbances. The modelling includes the dynamics of transmission lines, synchronous generators, excitation systems, turbine-governors, and loads. Due to the wide range of time-scales involved with the devices and disturbances in power systems, emphasis is placed on choice of appropriate models with varying degree of detail and complexity for different time-scales of interest. Both linear and nonlinear stability analyses are presented in conjunction with time-domain simulation of the differential-algebraic power system models.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will be able to

• Model individual subcomponents of a power system, including transmission lines, synchronous generators, and loads
• Model and simulate multi-machine power system dynamic behaviour before, during, and after a disturbance
• Select appropriate models for various time-scales of interest
• Assess power system stability in both large-signal and small-signal sense
• Apply Lyapunov-based energy methods to assess system stability
• Model and analyze various levels of power system control strategies, including excitation systems, turbine-governors, and automatic generation control


• Introduction to power system structures
• Synchronous machine modelling
• Excitation system modelling
• Turbine-governor modelling
• Reduced-order models
• Multi-machine and system modelling
• Dynamic simulations
• Small-signal stability analysis
• Transient stability analysis
• Energy function methods

4th year power system analysis course


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